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  • 27 Mar 2019
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Contrarian Investing Facebook Group

First of all, the site is independent.  The good news is that this works to our advantage.  Being both rational and independent are critical to successful Contrarian Investing.

You will also realize that as a Contrarian Investor we are very skeptical of so called “experts”, “the media”, and the “crowd”.  

A contrarian needs to questions everything — what they read, hear and see — and to independently think whether the information points to an extreme in opinion.  It is a trade off – you will receive comfort and encouragement if you go with the crowd, or you will receive solidarity if you think independently.  It is tough to be a Contrarian.  

As a  Contrarian, you are going to have to recondition yourself to trust your own ability to perceive, interpret and evaluate the environment around you independent of your peers, society and the crowd.  This is not easy to do alone. 

The media, experts and the crowd are all important though, because they help form mass and extreme opinion which a Contrarian uses to their advantage.

Secondly, we are a network of contrarian investors and as a member, you are expected to participate the best you can. 

For example, when you find through your web browsing a good article from a Contrarian perspective, you should add it to your recommended articles.  Also if you have found a good website for research, you should likewise post the site as a good link.  In many respects you can leverage your research by sharing with others and having them share with you.